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TigerStop can push, pull and position material up to 180 lbs.

Turn your existing manual machine into a fully automatic lean manufacturing asset.

SawGear is a simple and intuitive automated stop (not designed to push feed) that easily attaches to your existing saw, drill, or punch. Free yourself from tape measures and manual fences. Produce more parts with increased accuracy today.


TigerFence brings speed, precision, and productivity to your table saw. It adds automation that can be controlled from one side of your saw and has a repeatable accuracy of +/- .003 inches (.07mm). 

TigerRack™ can push, pull, and position material up to 720 lbs. This rack and pinion style automated pusher is built for rugged and industrial environments.


TigerSPC is a statistical process control caliper set designed to make quality control measurements up to 20 feet long.

TigerTurbo can push, pull, and position up to 840 lbs. This high speed automatic pusher accurately positions material with its steel reinforced belt and operate at up to 180 feet per minute.

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