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TigerStop is an automated material stop gauge and positioner (it can push, pull, and position material up to 180 lbs). TigerStop will turn your existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset. TigerStop quickly positions to your desired length and cuts within +/- .004'' (.1mm) every time. Take your operations to a whole new level with the product that started it all.

  • TigerStop is ambidextreous and can be used on the left or right of your tool.
  • Comes with Standard Interconnect Kit (SIK) for semi-automatic operation where the TigerStop communicates with the tool.
  • Comes with Standard Mini Gangstop.

TigerStop- TS12

  • WEIGHT: 165 lbs.




    • Attach to your new or old machinery
    • Best in class material optimization with
      Dynamic Optimization™ software upgrade
    • Push feed up to 180 lbs with roller tables
    • TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading software upgrade
    • Touch screen control
    • Push, pull, and position material

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