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The heaviest duty of all model of OMGA's Precision Mitre Chop Saws (along with the T 53 370). It features a solid cast iron base and head construction. The rotating table rides on roller bearings for maximum smoothness and accuracy. Positive stops at 45, 30, 22 1/2, 15 and 10 degrees on both sides of the rotation and an independently fine tunable one at 90 degrees. A manual locking device for all the intermediate angles provides a great flexibility to this unit. The belt driven transmission and a powerful 3 HP induction motor make of the T 50 350 the ideal tool for heavy duty industrial usage. This machine is designed to be fitted with a wide variety of optional accessories to make it perfect for any application. This precision saw is a multi purpose machine suitable for use in general carpentry, for cutting moulding, picture frames, furniture components and any application requiring precision cutting.



 T 50 350T 53 370
Cross cut capacity 90 Deg.6 3/4"6 3/4"
Cross cut capacity 45 Deg.4 3/4"4 3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut4 5/16"4 5/16"
Max. Depth of cut 45 Deg.N /A2"
Motor power34
Max. Beveled Cross CutN /A6 3/4"
Saw bore1"1"
Saw blade diameter14"14"
Arbor Speed RPM32003200
Dust Chute Diameter3 1/8"3 1/8"
Table Size23 5/8" X 17 1/8"23 5/8" X 17 1/8"
Shipping Weight Lbs.222255
Crated Dimensions26" X 25" X 30"28" X 28" X 33"



Cabinet for Mitre Chop Saws


Dust Collecting Cabinet


Table Extension with Scale 4'


Support for scaled table extension


Flip over stop Plexiglass at 45 degrees


Automatic Descent of the Head (T 50 350)


Pneumatic Horizontal Clamp RH (T 50-T 53)


Pneumatic Horizontal Clamp LH (T 50-T 53)


Pneumatic Hold-Down Clamp (T 50-T 53)




OMGA- T50 350 14'' Mitre Chop Saw


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