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Ideal for boring operations on panel.

New models with 27 and 21 spindles.

Rich basic equipment: it is complete with all accessories such as pnematic head adjustment, spindles with quick attachment, lateral guides L=3mm with reference stops for panel positioning.



  • Convenient selector, as standard, for the 0°- 45°- 90° automatic pneumatic head rotation.


  • Rapid set up due to the 21/27 spindles with quick-release fittings.


  • Precise and practical with the nonius decimal scale and micrometric guides travel.


  • 5 position revolving turret for always setting the correct depth.


Technical data

Startech 2721
Number of spindlesn.2721
Centre distance between spindlesmm3232
Spindles rotating speedrpm30002800
Spindles motor powerHp22.4


MiniMax Startech 27- 3 Phase 27 Hole In-Line Boring Machine


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