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The MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulder is a versatile moulding machine, capable of handling many different kinds of results. From simple, straight mouldings, curved mouldings, circular mouldings, to bar rails and stairs, the MIKRON M645 is designed to meet your most demanding requirements. Create completely new moulding styles or use the MIKRON M645 to match existing mouldings—including restorations to original architectural moulding styles designed over the last several hundred years. There is no limit to its capabilities.


Regardless of what curves designers and architects throw at you, the MIKRON M645 Tilting-Arbor Multi-Moulder can handle them all.

The MIKRON M645 is designed to meet the needs of the progressive architectural woodworker.


This unique machine provides quality and productivity-conscious woodworking shops with the versatility they need to handle the production of any and all types of mouldings.


The MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulder is a powerful machine that is designed to provide its owners with an extensive array of capabilities. See the below Features for complete information.

The MIKRON M645 is a solidly built unit using a revolutionary approach to forming complex mouldings safely and accurately. Featuring a patented adjustable tilting-arbor head and floating tabletop, a variable speed feed motor and a precise tracking system, you can produce circles, ellipses, stair parts, curved crowns, bar rails and of course, straight mouldings up to 6" wide, with the greatest of ease.


There are machines with vertical tilting spindles and power feed, but the MIKRON M645 is the first and only horizontal tilting spindle and feed system for curved and elliptical mouldings, combined into one unit.



  • manually tiltable spindle from 0° to 52°! MIKRON has re-engineered the tilt system so that customers can now reach up to 52°, which the marketplace is demanding for crown mouldings, and many other applications. This new feature is standard on all newly manufactured MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulders!
  • digital readout by Accurate Technology. This is a digital read-out system which MIKRON can install for you. This is an optional component that will give you accurate depth of cut every time - within + or - 0.002" / lin. ft. (+ or - 0.165mm/lin. m).
  • floating worktable
  • variable speed feed motor — 0 to 30 feet per minute
  • premium control unit — MIKRON has redesigned the electrical units to be more energy efficient and accommodate all voltage requirements. Now the feed motor runs from the same switch panel as the cutter head, and the electrical box is installed inside the base. This is standard on all newly manufactured MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulders! Please specify 220, 440, 480 or 575 voltage requirements at time of ordering.
  • separately adjustable feed rollers to enable multiple passes
  • axial adjustment
  • mechanically adjustable fence for accurate, easy positioning
  • linear tracking system guides the work piece smoothly and directly under the cutter head, while keeping it flat
  • go from straight to curve in just one setup — no accessories required
  • maximum cut is 6" wide by 6-1/2" thick
  • uses a standard 4" diameter, 2 knife corrugated back cutter head (1 included)


Optional ProScale add $800


MIKRON Multi-Moulder comes with 1 Year Factory Warranty from Mikron Machinery

Mikron Multi-Moulder Model# M645

  • unit size: 34" wide x 30" deep x 65" high (5' min. front to back clearance needed)
    worktable size: 38 wide x 24" deep
    weight: approx. 1400 lbs.
    motor: 7.5 hp
    arbor: 1-1/4" diameter, 6" long
    spindle: 6000 rpm (reversible)
    feed rate: 0 to 30 feet per minute (forward and reverse)
    cutting circle: horizontal = 6-1/2" max. | tilted = 6" max.
    thickness:  7" max.

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