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JLT Clamping System for the Custom Woodworker who produce 16′ Railing, Long Posts and Face Glue Solid Wood Components up to 6″ Thick



(5) total gluing levels.

Includes (36) 3 1/2″ High Jaw 40″ opening clamps

Innovative, Space Saving Feature that allows the Clamps to be hung Vertically when not in use

Taylor’s Patented and Successful Clamp Arm Design

Versatility to Edge Glue or Face Glue Hundreds of Woodworking Components

100% steel tubular construction.

Accessories: #302-40-H-R Clamps, 138B, 150B Glue Spreaders, 180A, 79-16 Hold downs, 80-1706 Rocker Plates


Machine Footprint: 196″L x 70″H x 48″W

JLT- 16′ Rail & Post Custom Clamping System #79F-16-PC

    • Highest Production JLT clamping system for the Medium Size Shop.
    • Edge Glue and Face Glue a variety of solid wood components
      • Produce 84+ edge glued panels per day with a Standard Setup
      • Face Glue, Utilizing our Rocker Plates, a Wide Variety of Railing Stock, Posts, Beams, Flooring Blanks, and more
    • Includes (36) 3 1/2″ High jaw 40″ Clamps
      • Optional 52″ Clamps Available on Request
      • Each Clamp Arm INCLUDES Rocker Plate Jaw Extensions for Face Gluing
    • Free Standing Unit with 3000 lbs. Weight Capacity
    • 100% Complete Tubular Steel Construction
    • Put (2) 12′ Panel Clamps side by side for edge gluing up to 24′ long Products
    • Complete 3 Year Warranty
    • Accessories: #302-40-H-R Clamps, 138B 8″ x 48″ Taylor Plate Spreader, 150B Glue Spreader, 180A Pneumatic Panel Flattener, 79-16 Holddowns, 80-1706 Rocker Plates

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