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JLT’s Best Value – Our Most Versatile & Productive Panel Clamp Model


PRODUCE up to 72 Edge Glued Panels per Day



  • (5) total gluing levels
  • Includes (30) 3 1/2″ High Jaw 40″ opening clamps (52″ Clamps Available on Request)
  • Innovative, Space Saving Feature that allows the Clamps to be hung Vertically when not in use
  • Taylor’s Patented and Successful Clamp Arm Design
  • Versatility to Edge Glue Hundreds of Woodworking Components
  • 100% steel tubular construction that Creates a Flat and Even Work Area for Clamping Panels
  • Accessories: #302-40-H-R Clamps, 138B, 150B Glue Spreaders, 180A, 79-16 Hold Downs, 80-1706 Rocker Plates


Machine Footprint: 148″L x 70″H x 48″W

JLT- 12′ Panel Clamp #79F-12-PC

    • High Production clamping system for the Medium Size Shop.
    • BEST VALUE – Our Most Popular Panel Clamp Model
    • Edge Glue and Face Glue a variety of solid wood components
      • Produce 72+ edge glued panels per day with a Standard Setup
      • Face Glue, Utilizing our Rocker Plates, a Wide Variety of Railing Stock, Posts, Beams, Flooring Blanks, and more
    • Includes (30) 3 1/2″ High jaw 40″ Clamps
      • Optional 52″ Clamps Available on Request
    • Free Standing Unit with 3000 lbs. Weight Capacity
    • 100% Complete Tubular Steel Construction
    • Put (2) 12′ Panel Clamps side by side for edge gluing up to 24′ long Products
    • Complete 3 Year Warranty
    • Accessories: #302-40-H-R Clamps, 138B 8″ x 48″ Taylor Plate Spreader, 150B Glue Spreader, 180A Pneumatic Panel Flattener, 79-16 Holddowns, 80-1706 Rocker Plates
    • Standard Stock Size of 40″ Maximum Opening
      • Additional Stock Size is 52″ Maximum Opening
      • Additional non-stock and Custom Sizes from 32″ – 120″ Opening
      • Minimum Clamp Opening of 9″
    • Robotically Welded / 100% Steel Construction
      • Lifetime Warranty on all Welded Components
      • Guaranteed never to Twist, Bow or Bend under normal working conditions
    • Each Clamp can Produce up to 3000 lbs of Clamping Force
    • Patented Equalizer Design Provides Equal Clamping Force from the Front and Rear Jaws
      • Higher Quality Panels result from this Design with more even Glue Line Pressure

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