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Dependable, consistent sanding results at an affordable price.

The Cantek S431 43″ Widebelt Sander is compact and versatile with a combination sanding unit for calibration and final sanding. The robust sanding unit and best of class design ensures optimum sanding results. Equipped with motorized thickness adjustment with digital thickness control for fast and accurate table adjustment.


Why Cantek S431 43″ Widebelt Sander?

Combination sanding unit with 5″ rubber contact drum and 2″ wide adjustable sanding platen for a wide range of sanding applications.

Accurate digital thickness control with both Inch and Metric settings allows the operator to key in the desired thickness, and the table will automatically move into position

Small footprint

Variable feed speed for optimal sanding results

Add $1,700 for Single Phase


Key Advantages

Electronic belt tracking for optimum belt life and sanding results.

Ammeter for load monitoring to ensure the proper amount of material is removed according to the selected grit.

Disc brake on the main motor allows for faster belt changes.

Pneumatic belt tensioning with quick-release outboard support to facilitate fast belt changes.

Table raising jackscrews.

Interlocks are located on all access doors.





Abrasive belt size

43” x 60”

1100 x 1524 mm

Main motor

20 HP

Feed motor

2 HP

Table rise/fall motor

0.25 HP

Working width


1066 mm

Minimum part length


320 mm

Maximum thickness opening


150 mm

Feed speed: variable

15 to 60 FPM

4 to 18 m/min

Dust outlet

5 @ 4”

5 @ 125 mm

Compressed air pressure

PSI 60

3 Kg/cm2

Compressed air volume



Dust collection requirements

2118 CFM

3600 M3/HR

Net weight

2,288 lbs

1,310 kgs

Machine dimensions

60” X 50” X 64”

1525 x 1270 x 1630 mm

Shipping weight

3,328 lbs

1,510 kgs

Shipping dimensions

52” X 64” X 76”

1330 x 1640 x 1940 mm



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