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PCS14D 14'' Pneumatic Chop Saw w/ Dual Push Button Control (LH or RH) ......... $6,430

Or 460V ……..$6,300


Speed up your crosscutting operations.

The Cantek PCS14 14″ pneumatic chop saw is the ideal solution for increasing production on crosscut operations while maintaining optimum safety. Its powerful 5HP motor and adjustable cutting stroke ensure it can effortlessly cut though a wide range of materials and dimensions. A number of features are included to ensure safe operation such as the infeed/outfeed safety guard, microswitches on all access doors, and security bolt on the saw access door. Available in either left hand or right hand operation depending on your ideal production flow.


Why Cantek PCS14 14″ Pneumatic Chop Saw?

Large cutting capacity of 1”x10”, 2”x9” up to 3”x8”

Adjustable cutting stroke to ensure optimum cutting speed and cut quality

Reliable performance day in and day out

Added safety features



Key Features


Available in Right Hand & Left Hand configuration

Cut off capacity (thickness x width): 1”x10”, 2”x9” up to 3”x8”

Powerful 5HP main motor

Pneumatic foot pedal operation with adjustable cutting speed from the front of the machine (Optional dual push button control)

Fast cutting cycle with up to 95 strokes per minute

Cast iron table surface is precision ground assuring high cutting accuracy.

Material clamp is easily adjusted for workpiece thickness variation.

CSA/UL magnetic switch




Cutting capacity (thickness x width)

1″ x 10″, 2″ x 9″, 3″ x 8″

Cycle speed

95 strokes/min

Cycle operation


Saw blade size


Saw arbor diameter


Saw blade speed

4100 RPM

Dust exhaust diameter


Air consumption

16.9 CFM


5 HP

Table size

24.8” x 23.2”

Net weight

530 lbs.

Gross weight

642 lbs.

Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

36” x 25” x 48”

Packing dimensions (L x W x H)

30” x 30” x 51.2”

Safety Features

Safety guard covers infeed and outfeed to maximize operators safety during cutting operations

Infeed guard has adjustable fingers to minimize opening

Door safety limit switches with extended security bolt

Emergency stop button

Optional dual push button control which requires both buttons to be pushed simultaneously to cycle the saw

Cantek PCS14 14'' Pneumatic Chop Saw w/ Foot Pedal Control (LH or RH)


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