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High quality edge banding results for cabinet parts and case goods.

The Cantek MX350 Automatic Edgebander is a compact edgebander capable of applying up to 3mm thick edge tape on cabinet parts and more.  The counter rotating pre-milling cutters ensure optimum panel edge quality and squareness which result in a less visible glue joint.  It comes equipped with high frequency motors on both the end trim and top & bottom trim.  In addition it is equipped with PVC radius scraping and buffing units.  User friendly controls and adjustments allow for efficient changeovers of edge tape thicknesses between 0.4mm & 3mm. It’s compact design and affordable price point make it the ideal edge banding solution for the small cabinet shop who requires pre-milling.


Why Cantek MX350 Automatic Edgebander?

  • Versatile edgebander capable of applying 0.4mm to 3mm edge tape.
  • Quick change glue pot allows you to change glue colours in minutes.
  • Couter rotating diamond premilling cutters produce optimum panel edge for superior edgebanding results
  • High frequency end trim & flush trim motors produce fine edge finishing results
  • Multi-function trimmers allows for flush or radius trimming on edge banding
  • Radius scraping removes any knife marks on radius edges
  • Buffing unit polishes the edge
  • Powerful chain feed system ensure work piece stability during application and processing of edge banding resulting in a high quality finish


Key Advantages


  • Teflon coated Quick Change glue pot can be removed and exchanged in only minutes. Comes with (1) quick change pot and others can be acquired for running different color glues.
  • Automatic edge feeding with a thickness capacity of 0.4–3 mm; strip material can be hand-fed
  • Conveyor chain feed system for reliable results
  • Heated infeed fence for pre-heating the panel for optimum glue penetration
  • PLC control system with LED display and keypad
  • Workpiece is fed by chain
  • Edge coil support plate: Ø 800mm (31 ½”), for PVC/ABS
  • Spring-loaded pressure unit with (2) pressure rollers
  • Heavy-duty pressure beam with extendable workpiece support


Working Units

    High-frequency pre-milling units can remove up to 3mm and is designed to provide an ideal edge for applying edge tape by cleaning up poorly cut panels
    (2) counter-rotating diamond cutterheads for optimum results and longevity
    High frequency 12000 RPM end trimming unit, with Ø100mm (4”) TC-Saw blades
    High frequency 12000 RPM top & bottom trimmers with insert knife cutters for radius trimming & bevel trimming
    Radius scraper with 2mm radius
    3000 RPM top & bottom buffing units to polish the machined edge






Feeding speed

29 FPM

9 meters/min.

Panel thickness


8~45 mm

Max. pre-milling thickness



Edge thickness


0.4 ~ 3 mm

Min. panel width


100 mm

Min. panel length


170 mm

Working table height


850 mm

Dust collection outlet

Ø 5” x 3

Ø 127 mm x 3

Total connected power

10 HP

7.5 kW

Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

147” x 52” x 54”

3700 x 1310 x 1380mm

Machine weight

1452 lbs

660 kgs

Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

91” x 29” x 54”

2290 x 720 x 1370mm

Shipping weight

1558 lbs

708 kgs

Electrical requirement

230/3/60: 40 amps


Motor Power


Feeding motor

1 HP

0.75 (kW)

Pre-milling motors (2)

1 ½ HP x 2

1.1 kW x 2

Glue spindle motor

¼ HP

0.18 (kW)

Front/rear trimming motor

0.3 HP

0.22 (kW)

Upper trimming motor

½ HP

0.37 (kW)

Lower trimming motor

½ HP

0.37 (kW)

Upper buffing motor

0.16 HP

0.12 (kW)

Lower buffing motor

0.16 HP

0.12 (kW)


½ HP

0.4 (kW)

Glue pot

1 ¾ HP

1.315 (kW)

Cantek MX350 Automatic Edgebander (3PH)


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