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Stop walking around your saw with the programmable rip fence.


The Cantek D405ANC 1-Axis Sliding Table Saw is the ideal sliding panel saw for high accuracy cutting of sheet materials for the production of kitchen cabinetry, furniture, millwork operations, and more.  The NC rip fence provides the operator with the added convenience of setting the rip width automatically through an eye level control.  This saves time while providing a high level of accuracy and repeatability.  The 10’ sliding table is made from a precision aluminum extrusion and runs on precision linear guide rails.


Why Cantek D405ANC 1-Axis Sliding Table Saw?

  • Programmable rip fence saves time & provides high level of accuracy and repeatability
  • Precision sliding table runs on hardened linear guides for extremely smooth and effortless movement
  • Powerful 7.5 HP main motor and separate 1HP scoring motor
  • Ergonomic eye level control panel for setting the rip width, blade height, and blade angle along with on/off switches for the main and scoring motors
  • Accurate crosscut miter fence for fast length and angle setting


Key Advantages


  • Programmable rip fence with maximum cutting width of 51″ by means of a precision ball screw
  • Motorized blade rise/fall
  • Motorized blade tilting with electronic angle display on control panel
  • Overhead control panel can be adjusted for operator convenience
  • Convenient external manual scoring adjustment
  • 7.5 HP main motor with 1HP scoring motor
  • (3) saw blade speeds for optimum cutting results in various materials
  • Precision anodized aluminum sliding table with prismatic rollers running on precision ground steel guides
  • Aluminum extruded crosscut fence with (2) flip stops with convenient angle adjustment for mitre cuts
  • Solid cast iron main table which is ground and polished
  • Heavy-duty outrigger for strong support of workpiece during cutting operations
  • Overhead CE blade guard with dust port
  • Complete with eccentric clamp and wedge for solid wood cutting







Sliding table dimensions

3200 x 395mm

126 x 15.5″

Cast iron table dimensions

548 x 896mm

21.6″ x 35.3″

Extension table (rear)

952 x 896mm

38.7″ x 35.25″

Extension table (front)

830 x 320mm

32.7″ x 12.6″

Table size

1500 x 1726mm

59″ x 68″

Main saw blade (Max.)



Main saw bore dia.


Max. cutting height @ 90o (355mm)



Max. cutting height @ 90o (400mm)



Max. cutting height @ 45o (355mm)



Main motor power

7.5 HP

Main blade speed

3000 / 4000 / 5000 RPM

Scoring blade dia.


Scoring blade bore dia.


Scoring blade motor power

1 HP

Scoring blade speed

8000 RPM

Max. rip cutting width



Cutting width adjustment


Saw blade tilting adjustment

0~45o (Motorized)

Scoring saw adjustment


Dust collection outlets

120 / 100mm

4.72″ x 4″

Machine shipping dimensions

2110 x 1150 x 1120mm

83″ x 45.25″ x 44″

Machine NW / GW

558 / 649 kgs

1228 / 1428 lbs

Sliding table shipping dimensions

3480 x 490 x 370mm

137″ x 19.3″ x 14.6″

Sliding table NW / GW

141 / 173 kgs

310 / 381 lbs

Rip fence shipping dimensions

1860 x 320 x 330mm

73.25″ x 12.6″ x 13″

Rip Fence NW / GW

41 / 52 kgs

90 / 115 lbs

Machine total weight NW / GW

740 / 874 kgs

1628 / 1923 lbs


230/3/60 =26.20 Full total Amps




  • Optional crosscut fence with digital readouts for precise length setting $1,980
  • Optional digital display for angle of crosscut fence for accurate miter cuts $830

Cantek D405 ANC 1 Axis Sliding Table Saw


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