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Effortless horizontal boring.


Whether you are drilling horizontal holes for door or furniture components the Cantek BM301 Horizontal Boring Machine is a great choice.  With its two spindle drilling head with adjustable drill centers from 0.71”~3.93” centers (18~100mm), you can conveniently drill dowel hoes with ease. The drilling assembly and table are made from cast iron for maximum rigidity and durability. The unit is mounted to a fabricated steel base for optimal functionality. The drilling cycle is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and is actuated by a foot pedal for operator convenience. The drilling speed is adjustable for optimal cycle speeds. The drilling head is driven by a powerful 2HP direct drive motor. A pneumatic clamp ensures the work piece is held firmly during drilling operations.


Why Cantek BM301 Horizontal Boring Machine?

  • Automatic pneumatic drilling cycle actuated by convenient foot pedal
  • Pneumatic clamp holds material firmly in place during drilling cycle
  • Adjustable drilling bit center to center spacing from: 71”~3.93” centers (18~100mm)
  • Industrial cast iron drilling assembly & table, with fabricated steel base


Key Advantages

  • Cast iron worktable with miter gauge for angled holes
  • Worktable is conveniently adjusted up & down for varying workpiece thicknesses by an adjustment knob and threaded rod
  • Adjustable drilling depth with maximum stroke of 4” (100mm)
  • Drilling speed can be conveniently adjusted by a speed adjustment knob.
  • Powerful 2HP direct drive motor for effortless drilling


Cantek BM301 Horizontal Boring Machine


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