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Plane your material efficiently in a single pass.

The Cantek GT635ARD 25″ double surface planer has a robust cast-iron body for industrial planing day in and day out.  The spiral insert knife cutterheads produce a smooth planed finish with maximum stock removal.  The material is passed over the bottom head with a spring-loaded pin feed system allowing it to act like a jointer to flatten the board prior to being planed to an accurate thickness with the top head.




Why Cantek GT635ARD 25″ Double Surface Planer?

  • Spring loaded conveyor pin system ensures material is passed over the bottom cutterhead to resulting in a flat and uniform board prior to planing to thickness on the top head
  • Spiral insert knife cutterheads with two-sided solid carbide knives produce a smooth finish with increased stock removal capacity and extremely quiet operation
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron machine body and table for vibration free cutting
  • Digital electronic thickness adjustment in INCH and MM (Inch = 0.001” / mm = 0.01mm resolution) for precise thickness control


Key Advantages

  • 25″ x 8″ capacity as standard with optional 16″, 20″, 24″ thickness capacity
  • Cutterheads are spiral insert type with six (6) rows of carbide inserts
  • (2) driven and (1) idle bed roll for superior feeding of even difficult material
  • Swiveling control panel for more ergonomic access to machine controls
  • Inverter variable speed control with feed speeds from 26 to 80 FPM
  • Easy to access external handwheel adjustment of infeed bed
  • Hard chromed worktable for high wear resistance
  • Auto lubrication to conveyor chain, central lubrication for dovetail elevation guideways
  • Section chipbreaker and sectional feed roller before top cutterhead
  • Rubber outfeed top roller to prevent chip marking
  • Over thickness safety shut-off bar across infeed.
  • Ammeter for each motor on control panel to monitor motor load



Max. working width


Max. working thickness

8″ (16″, 20″, 24″ optionaloptional; please inquire))

Min. workpiece length


Bottom head motor

20 HP

Top planing head motor

25 HP (30 HP optional)

Feed motor

5 HP

Table elevation motor

1/2 HP

Knife dimensions

30mmx12mmx1.5mm (96 pcs per head)

Cutterhead speed

5400 RPM

Feed speed (variable)

26-80 FPM

Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

105″ x 45.1″ x 67.7″

Net weight

6600 lbs

Packaging dimensions

109″ x 49″ x 74″

Gross weight

7700 lbs

Cantek 25'' X 8'' Double Surface Planer GT635ARD-8


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