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It’s time to clear the air by adding a downdraft table to your hand sanding operation.


The Belfab 3672DT downdraft table is ergonomic and energy efficient and offer easy operator maintenance. The table is mounted on wheels and can be easily moved around your shop. This downdraft table is perfect for light to medium duty woodworking applications such as sanding and finishing.


Why Belfab 3672DT Downdraft Table?

  • The most innovative and efficient downdraft dust collection tables on the market
  • Innovative filter design acts as dust trays to capture 100% of collected dust particles
  • Filters can be easily emptied, cleaned, and replaced in less than one minute
  • The tabletop surface is accessible from 360o
  • The gas-cylinder assisted tabletop is fully counter balanced and auto-blocking for easy opening with one hand providing easy access to filters and inner chamber for maintenance


Key Advantages

  • Indestructible high friction and non scuffing tabletop mats secure parts in place and protect work from being damaged during sanding operations
  • Advanced self-opening tabletop offering immediate access to filters
  • Extra high efficiency, dual inlet, direct driven blowers
  • Innovative blower design requires 50% less horsepower
  • Unique recessed base for workers comfort
  • Super quiet blower design operating under 78dB



Table top dimensions

36'' x 72''

Panel filter efficiency


Blower motor HP

2 x 3/4 HP


2 x 1800

Sound pressure dB (at 10')


Module weight

500 lbs.



Belfab 3672DT Downdraft Table


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