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FI 4000

Low Noise Compact Enclosed Dust Collector


Reliable, powerful, silent…and easy to use.

The FI Series compact enclosed dust collectors are suited to any environment, even inside production facilities. These collectors provide high performance in a small form factor ideal for extracting various types of shavings and dust. All units are constructed of painted sheet steel frames and paneling, and include:

  • Settling chamber for dropping larger chips and fragments out of the airstream before they reach the filters.

  • Polyester needled felt filtering sleeves (16 oz. – 500 g/m2)

  • Automatic programmable pulse-jet compressed air cleaning system

  • Continuous discharge of collected waste material into convenient wheeled metal bins, with viewing windows to check material levels within the bins.

The FI Series units operate in negative pressure applications with high suction efficiency. All units are designed for maximum safety against fire and explosion, and feature integral water-based fire extinguishment systems. The high-efficiency backward curved centrifugal fan is located within a sound attenuated compartment inside the unit. This unique design makes it possible to achieve higher negative static pressures than other filters on the market while producing much less noise.

Call 239-770-4474 for pricing. 


  • 2,355 CFM Airflow Capacity

  • 2 Roll-Away Discharge Bins (80 gal each) with Sight Glass

  • 40 Antistatic Polyester Filter Sleeves (Ø5″ x 51″L)

  • 215 ft2 Filter Media

  • Integral Negative Pressure Fan with Silencer (75 dBA)

  • Drop-Out Chamber at Inlet

  • 7.5 HP Motor with Integral Starter/Control Panel

  • Automatic Pulse-Jet Filter Cleaning System

  • Integral Fire Extinguishment System (connects to water sprinkler system)

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 96″ x 100″ x 43″



  • Non-Sparking Fan Motor

  • Spark Resistant Fan Blades

  • Explosion Vent Panels

  • Designed for use with briquetting presses (400 mm higher)

  • Replaces bins with hopper for briquette press

  • Extended height support legs for required equipment clearance

  • Special coupling system for hoppers (removable whenever necessary)

  • Replaces Bins with Screw Conveyor System

  • Rotary Air Lock Discharge Valve



  • High efficiency exhaust filtering plenum for returning air directly to work environment

  • High-power briquetting press (for FIB models)

  • Connection to pneumatic material transfer system (for FIC models.

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