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CAP Series


The CAP Series Dust Capture Booth is made of galvanized steel for the capture and extraction of dust produced by sanding, grinding or welding operations.  The modular design allows for a wide range of configurations and applications.

The CAP Series booths are available in a range of widths (see chart below – customized solutions available on request).  These systems typically come as a stand-alone configuration, however they can be built to connect to larger dust collection systems. 


Each booth comes equipped with aluminized polyester filter cartridges and a pulse-jet compressed air cleaning system.  Collected dust is deposited into removable trays located at the bottom of the collection face for easy disposal.  The integral suction fan (or properly-configured connection to a central collection system) ensures adequate face velocity along the width of the booth.

Optional configurations include:

  • Booth Extension Module – each module adds 20″ depth

  • Air Curtain Extension Module – returns exhausted air to booth opening for additional environmental control

  • Timed Filter Cleaning Control – automatic timer system for pulse-jet cleaning system

  • ATEX-Rated Fan Motor – non-sparking motor provides added safety for combustible dust hazards

  • VFD for Fan Motor – provides additional energy efficiency by providing speed control for the suction fan



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