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Guaranteed quality at your finger tips.
Easy-to-use, productivity and efficency, flexibility.



  • Set up precision and reliability. The operator easily adjusts all movements due to a hand wheel with mechanical decimal readouts located on the front of the machine.


  • Spindle moulder fence with mechanical programming: maximum set-up speed and ease-of-use. No more test runs due to digital readouts that ensure accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre in positioning the two worktables.



Technical data

Nova tf 110  
Max. useful spindle lengthmm / inches140 / 5.5
Spindle speed (at 50 Hz)rpm3000/4500/6000/7000/10000
Max. diameter of the profiling toolmm / inches250 / 9.8
Max. tool diameter retractable under the table at 90°mm / inches320 / 12.6
Max. diameter of the tenoning tool with spindle diam. 30-35 (40-50)mm / inches300 / 11.8
Three-phase motorHp10

SCM Group NOVA TF 110 Fixed Spindle Shaper


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