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Large capacity miter cut-off saw is built for production.

The Cantek PCM508 20” Miter Cut-Off Saw is a precision pneumatic saw designed for cutting miters up to 60o in either direction.   The saw is automatically cycled pneumatically and activated by a foot switch to allow for fast positioning of the workpiece.  Capable of production cutting with up to 40 cuts per minute.  The cutting speed is adjustable to ensure the optimum finish result on your workpiece no matter the species or size.  The rotary table runs on ball bearings to ensure effortless rotation of the blade according to the desired cutting angle. The workpiece is clamped pneumatically, and the clamping guard runs on linear guideways for smooth and fast clamping operation.  The PCM508 is available with optional infeed and outfeed conveyor systems with manual stops or can be fitted with an automatic stop system such as Tigerstop for added productivity.


Why Cantek PCM508 20″ Miter Cut-Off Saw?

  • 20” blade driven by powerful 7.5 HP motor
  • Manually swivelling saw blade can cut miters up to 60o either left or right
  • Quick index pin at set angles which can also be locked manually at any angle
  • Pneumatic foot pedal operation with adjustable cutting stroke for optimum finish results
  • Pneumatic clamping mechanism runs on linear guideways to ensure smooth and fast clamping of the workpiece
  • Precision ground and polished cast iron table


Key Features

  • Safety enclosure surrounds the saw blade to ensure safe operation with reduced noise
  • Infeed and outfeed fences are precision ground and are adjustable to achieve the maximum cutting requirement
  • Cabinet light included to illuminate the saw area
  • Oil lubrication unit to lubricate the rotary table to ensure smooth adjustment
  • High quality Schneider electrical controls
  • Can be purchased with optional infeed & outfeed conveyors with manual stops or can be easily paired with an automatic stop to increase productivity
  • Optional dual push button control




Cutting angles

+60° ~ 0° ~ -60°

Cycle speed

30~45 cuts/min

Saw blade size


Saw arbor diameter


Saw blade speed

3100 RPM

Dust exhaust diameter

Ø4″ x (2)


7.5 HP

Table size

36″ x 36″

Net weight

1188 lbs

Gross weight

1452 lbs

Packing dimensions (L x W x H)

51.5″ x 43.3″ x 63″


Cutting Capacities

  • Thickness

    Width @ 90° Cut

    Width @ 45° Cut

    Width @ 60° Cut


    280 mm

    200 mm

    150 mm


    265 mm

    190 mm

    140 mm


    235 mm

    175 mm

    130 mm


    205 mm

    155 mm

    120 mm


    170 mm

    125 mm

    100 mm


    115 mm

    85 mm

    50 mm


Optional: Dual Push Buttons in lieu of foot pedal..... $1,150


View YouTube Video on the Canek PCM508 20'' Miter Cutting Chop Saw 

Cantek PCM508 20'' Miter Cutting Chop Saw


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